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You Only Love Twice

People say life imitates arts. But no matter how hard you try to believe, happy ending is only in the movies.

“Next thing you know I managed to kick their asses and controlled the situation. I think that old woman would die without me,” Aaron Gonzalez proudly told Geneva the story where he saved a dying—she actually died seven days after the incident due to heart attack—old woman in the store seized by three fully armed robbers. They were strolling down the park, when Geneva had to listen to all the stories of his past. He told her—almost—every past glories of his; the time he got his first kiss, the first ass that he kicked, the first date and—you get the whole picture, don’t you? He kept on mumbling about him. Aaron got this, Aaron got that, and Aaron won these and all. Geneva couldn’t do anything else but listened to his craps.

When you decided to take the role, you just married the whole crap of it.

When they were about to reach a bench to rest their feet, Geneva’s phone suddenly rang and interrupted the conversation. “Sorry honey, I have to pick it up!” Geneva excused herself and paced slowly leaving Aaron who had already set his butt on the bench. She reassured that he didn’t follow and stared at the screen. It was actually a fake phone call. She learnt the way to escape from a noisy boyfriend from the internet. She used many techniques on Aaron and it seemed to work on him.

Geneva had no idea what to do now. She needed someone else by her side so that she could talk about other passions than Aaron. Someone that could understand her.

Isn’t this the time where the Romeo comes to save his Juliet?

Aaron’s butt was already itching, He tried to peep on Geneva but the trees blocked his sight. “Geneva?” Aaron called but no one replied. He got anxious and started to search for her. He continued calling her name but never get a reply. As he making his way to where Geneva headed to, he saw her by the bushes and he presumed that she was texting somebody since the phone was in her hands. Aaron ignored his assumption and shouted for her name. Geneva turned to him with a mild smile stamped on her delicate face. Her bone structure implemented the smile so well that she looked like she was smiling without her trying.

“What’s the urgent? Somebody died?” Aaron wrapped his hands around her waist. He pulled her so close till she was literally could feel every single abs of his.

“No. Reborn actually,” She corrected him.

“and what makes you think that I want to know?” He sounded as if he was joking, but he was not. He pulled her to his right but still keeping his hand on her waist and marched on. “and about tonight, we are going to go to my favorite restaurant!”

Right. Where else could he bring her to? He and Geneva was the regular costumer of the restaurant. They were too expected by the restaurant. Aaron brought her there for every single date. The waiter could even remember their order because it is always the same since their first date.

“Sorry. I have errand to run tonight. It’s been piling up since like forever. I hope you understand,” Geneva released herself from his running hands which had been trying to grab her assets since they walked.

“Okay. I hope you don’t mind if I call somebody else to replace you. I reserved a table for us and I don’t want to waste,” Aaron acclaimed. He may look disappointed but he was glad that plan changed. He fancied hanging out with some hooker than slipping through another soundless night with Geneva.

“Alright, replace me all you want. I don’t mind,”

The happy couple laughed contentedly not knowing what’s beneath those words.

Looks like someone have to read through the script again.

Ely burst into the lobby of The Garden’s like a women on a mission, which was exactly what she was. With the tight jeans and the jacket from Dior on, she now could blend into the street of average without looking like a rich brat. The knit hat added to her edginess and she instantly looked like as if she was playing Assassin. She walked in suspiciously and the doorman was intimidated by her look. She dug for some money out from her pocket and plunked it into the doorman’s pocket before he could do anything.

“Shut up and tell me where Mr. Vasquez lives or I’ll charge you molesting,” She purposely dropped herself onto him.

The doorman was not supposed to tell any detail about the resident but he freaked out. He did not know what to react on this. He remained his lips locked.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Dylan shouted to the doorman. The panicking doorman quickly pushed Ely off him slowly.

“Penthouse madam,”

“Hmm... nothing. The floor was slippery. Thanks to him I survived,” Ely steadied and fixed her cloth

Dylan nodded and made his way to the lift. Ely followed his back like a total stranger, leaving the gasping doorman behind. The doorman was totally fooled by the two most genius-in-this-kind-of-game. As soon as the lift door closed, Ely and Dylan looked at each other with grins on both faces.

“And the Oscar goes to…” Dylan said under his breath.


In case you don’t know, there is no Best Duo honey.

“And what we get?” He sheepishly asked Ely who was fixing her hair next to him. She threw off the knit hat and got off the jacket, revealing more skin to Dylan. After realizing that Dylan was waiting for her answer, Ely’s brows furrowed.

“Dylan honey, you see. We will get that old man out of our lives. Natasha will be happy. I’m going to be happy and that will make the world happy too. That’s what we will get. And this would be the last time for me to wear these,” She passed the jacket to Dylan. “Can you hold it for me?”

Dylan nodded. The sexual tense overwhelmed the lift. Ely could sense Dylan staring at her since they got into the lift. She knew there were some kinds of attraction between them. She could feel it under her skin. On top of that, she wanted him so badly, too.

“Kiss me,” Ely pressed the emergency stop button and the elevator halted instantly at the second last floor. Both moved closer and Dylan pulled her onto his body. He pressed his lips against hers and the tongues began to tangle up in some sort of way. Ely pushed him to the wall but that did not make him stop but he paused.

“Ouch,” he groaned while setting his body to a better position. Then, again, their lips sealed while their hands mutually went all over the places, reaching out something to hold on to. Ignoring the fact that they were in the elevator, Dylan got three out of five buttons opened with a little help from Ely. The taste of her lips was like heroin, it pushed him to the edge. He was beyond control of himself. For Ely, it was the best ride ever. She never felt so great before and no one—in this state, so far—could drive her nuts this way. Suddenly, flashes came across into her tiny cells of brain and she realized that she was on an operation to save lives, including hers. Only then, she had the courage to pull herself away from Dylan’s suave promises of a bright warm future.

Good actresses follow the script but better ones tend to make their own.

“We should bring this on to a proper place,” she whispered slowly to his ears.

He looked devastated at first, but seeing that they were in a lift, he buttoned back his shirt and tried to iron it with his bare hand, as if it could make the pleats wears off. He maintained calm hoping for some logics in her words. Turning back to Ely—who had her jacket on back—, Dylan shifted to her side and combed her silky blonde hair. Dylan surely adores it.

“Promise me,”

Ely felt the blood rushed in her vein. The adrenaline was miraculous and she unquestionably wanted to keep it safe and sound with her. She wanted it to be real, for the very first time. Ely finally found the reason to love and she planted a life-worth-guarantee-kiss on his cheek. With that, Dylan smiled and believed, in both faith and art.

All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.

Ryan Tedder slipped into a loft which smelled like dead people in it. His nose sneezed thousand times as he is not usual to this kind of stink odor. The living room was hectic with an old sofa upside down at the corner and broken TV set in the middle of the room. Maybe robbers had just set in five minutes ago or maybe the resident was a big stench rat. The sun light poured in the room and Ryan tried to ease himself at the counter. He believed by not moving another inch was the best way for him to get out from this place, alive.

“I’m sorry for the mess,” A bare-chested skinny man emerged out from the room. He was on his pleasant-looking boxers when he decided to sit on the sofa. He definitely needed a healthy inspector to check on his place and his filthy self. “What is wrong with you, young man? Like you never been here before. Make yourself like home,”

Ryan declined his offer and preferred to stay on his feet. Looking so bold in his Armani’s coat, he remained steady by the counter. He cleared his throats many time before taking out his chequebook. “This time I’ll give you extra but please, next time, could we meet at other place?”

“Oh why? You don’t like my place?” the ‘rat’ wandered. Later, he crooked down to grab a parcel under the sofa. Double checking the name on the parcel, he propped himself up and to Ryan who was signing the cheque.

“I hate it,” Ryan muttered. He assured and relieved to know that only he heard that since the ‘rat’ made no response. He exchanged the cheque with the parcel with the ‘rat’. So he wasn’t the most rich in the town but he surely has loads of cash in his big bank. The Tedder is known for a big business company which runs by his father. It genuinely built on Rob’s own sweats. He started from nothing and now he holds one of the affluent companies. He may have divorced with Cassie but he never turned his back on his boys. He promised them bright future and bright future is what they will get.

It looks like your boys have your wife’s gene more instead of yours in them. Insanity runs in their blood.

“Thanks Adam,”

Ryan hurriedly rushed out of the place. He was actually late for his father-to-be’s pre-wed party. He put on his aviator and marched to the lift and to his car. He paid no attention to all the people on his way. Luck wasn’t on his side; he jumped into a guy who was about—to save his life—his size when he clumsily stepped out from the building.

“Ryan Tedder?”

“Joseph Stanford. Glad to see you, again. What are you, stalking me?” Ryan giggled. After a whole day in school hanging out with Joe, he must have seen himself suffocating in Joe’s present. He tapped Joe’s shoulder and attempted to be friendly. “If you don’t mind, I don’t want to be late for George’s party tonight. My mom is getting married! I’ve got a boat to catch,”

“Oh. Your mom and Harold’s dad eh? Yeah. Go ahead,” Joe replied but Ryan was already on his way to his car. As he watching Ryan disappearing from his sight, he noticed something weird going on. Above all odds, he decided to ignore it. He continued his way into the building and opted to drop by his renter’s house to collect the debt.

When he dashed in, he saw a guy in a boxer holding a cheque and a phone in hands. He laughed at how silly he dressed. Pushing all the trash on the floor with his legs, he made to his stand next to the guy. He’s been so tolerant to this renter who owes him big money.

“So, Adam, do you have the money?”

Adam laughed at him. “I was about to call you and now you are here. It’s like you are destined to be here and I can’t run or hide from you my friend,” He handed the cheque to Joe and he jumped onto the sofa.

“You know dude dropping out from high school is not a good idea. Why don’t you get back to school?” Joe felt sorry for his friend who had lost his way. Adam decided to leave school when he found a better gang to hang out. He begun to ditch classes and gave up on studies. Joe couldn’t help Adam but to watch him turning to train-wrecked-young-man.

The first thing he did when he received the cheque was scanning for the signature, hoping it to be a real one this time. For a guy like Adam, Joe wouldn’t put much trust on him. And he was right all along. He shocked to see Tedder Corporation signature at the top of the cheque.

“What is this? Ryan gave you this check?”

Congratulation gentleman, you had just nominated for the best actor of the year.

Joe had nothing else in his mind other than…that.

He quickly set himself next to Adam and grabbed Adam’s body brutally. “Please tell me I’m wrong Adam!” He shouted at Adam’s ears. The eardrum was almost exploded with that high frequency of his. Suddenly, something caught his eyes. Something he wished it wasn’t there. It made him hoped that today was just another nightmare and he was going to wake up next to a sexy young brunette that he slept with last night.

Dream’s just a dream. But life is a nightmare and waking up in the morning is the sequel.

The marbled floor sparkled and the sunshine flooded into the house. The house looked spacious even though it is fully furnished. Complete with the set of sofa—probably from China because it looked like one—the house seemed to be more than you expected from an old man. Pricey vases were all around the house and there were pictures on the wall. He must have someone in his closet who helped him with these decorations.

But the question now is, who?

“May I help you?” a woman in a maid dress approached with an empty jug in her hand. She looked terrified.

“I’m Miss McQueen and he’s Mr. Vuitton and we are from the estate agency. We are told that Mr. Vasquez’s background seemed to be a problem here. Can we talk to him?”

Came to their surprise, a young—approximately ten years old—boy jumped and grabbed the maid’s legs. The jug felt down from her hand and the glasses were everywhere on the floor in a split of second. The kid then laughed and tried to hide himself at the back of Dylan, who is now Mr. Vuitton. The maid excused herself and disappeared into the kitchen and came back with cloth in her hands.

“Would you please excuse me and please wait for Mr. Vasquez at the living room. He will be here in any minute,” The maid bended down and picked every single big pieces of broken glasses. “And you, Sir Vasquez Junior, please lead them,”

Well look who’s there to help, little Vasquez?

The boy then pulled Dylan’s shirt and they followed him to the living room. He offered them to sit and smiled innocently. His dressing was mature than his look; a suit—probably from Chantal Thomas—and a pair of white leather’s shoes.

“So, my father sent me two babysitters this time?” he wondered. He eased himself on the chair next to Dylan. He seemed liking Dylan more than Ely who looked like a stern step mom. “And that makes you my new best friends,” he smiled contentedly.

“No, we are not…”

“Well. Sort of,” Ely interrupted Dylan. She signaled secretly to him indicating she got a better idea. “But before we can be best friend, we want to know more about you,”

Instantly, Dylan got her idea.

From Vuitton and McQueen to Hayden and Annie.

“I’m Johnny. Well, as you can see, I’m the only son. I live in this house with my father. Mom just left us a month ago with her new friend. She told me that she found prince charming but I’m too mature to believe that. I’m not dumb and don ‘t treats me like one,”

“We won’t,” Dylan finally had the chance to speak.

Then, they had a conversation about stuffs like American Idol, football, and surprisingly, fashion. They debated on Justin Bieber’s talent too. Dylan and Johnny became close and suddenly, Johnny brought a personal issue into the conversation.

“I’m not sure Mike; everything I do doesn’t work on her,”

Ely showed less interest in talking about man and women and how they should help each other in relationship and took the chance to walk around the house, to find evidence to proof Natasha wrong. Dylan purposely dragged Johnny into the deep conversation till that young boy didn’t even realize Ely was out of sight.

Ely escaped the busy maid, who was making drinks—perhaps—in the kitchen. On her way to the rooms, she saw many framed photo of a family on the wall, Vasquez’s to be exact. There was always this brunette lady in the pictures. The picture was arranged according to the years. Starting from the left where the lady holds a baby in her arms and a guy watched them delightfully by the side to the most right where the guy and the lady sandwiched Johnny like a hotdog. Ely assumed that the pictures were taken annually. She saw happiness in them and she knew she had to stop his ‘evil’ wrongdoing on Natasha. Ely somehow believed that Natasha deserved someone younger and single and richer.

Ely and Natasha always had a conversation about finding the right man who will stand by their side come shine or rain when they were much younger. These, brunette and blonde, girls shared a lot of dreams and they even talked about weddings when they were just eight. They knew each other far better than their parents and anybody else. Ely and Natasha were like twins and it was so hard to separate them both. But as time passes by, things change and so did their dreams.

—and attitudes.

“Camellia honey, we have to go now. I’ve an important event to attend tonight, don’t you remember?” Dylan shouted across the hall.

Ely quickly grabbed the latest photo and put it into her handbag. Fortunately and unexpectedly, it fit. She then marched to the living hall and met the maid on her way. She excused herself and explained to the maid regarding to the urgency. The maid apologized on behalf of Mr. Vasquez and Johnny escorted them to the lift. At first, Johnny had a heavy heart to say goodbye to Dylan but he knew he had to. In fact, he is used to it. Saying goodbye is like lunch to him.

“Promise me to visit me soon?” his light blue eyes were like drowning when Dylan caught his gaze.

Dylan didn’t reply him anything but all he did was smiling. Then, the lift door shut.

Be careful kids, you might love the new roles.

The spin chilling temperature made the night even brutally quixotic. The stars aligned beautifully on the empty dark sky. The moon was the only light that keep them accompany. The perfect night scent and the sound of the silent lake made it clear, that tonight was all theirs. While staring at the rear mirror blankly, he knew it was a mistake. But there’s a voice kept pushing him beyond his will and he couldn’t fight that.

“Harold… thank you for being here,”

The voice that disappeared months away from his ears was now singing back in his mind. The soundtrack of his summer, the beats for his heart. He knew he’d lie all winter to himself. He knew things would not be okay in any way.

“Glad that I help,” he replied. His voice was so calm, so undeniably cold.

“Harold, what happened?” Geneva turned to him and tried to catch his eyes but failed.

Harold darted his eyes elsewhere but at Geneva. If only he knew to answer, he would. While waiting for him to response, Geneva saw something sparkling hanging at the rear mirror. It was familiar. The necklace, shoot. Geneva thought guiltily. Only now she knew the rationale of the straight face and the silence.

Silence means security, silence means approval but how about this?

“You found the necklace,”

At least, Geneva didn’t wait for the answer this time. She was annoyed somehow by the silent treatment. “Alright,” she said under her breath. She opened the door and glided out from the car. “Next time, if you don’t want to see me, then don’t!”

Before she could even close the door, she heard a voice mumbling words. At first, she thought it was from outside but after double-checking the park, she knew it was the voice from inside. Well, she’s not stupid enough to believe that it was her inner voice since it was husky yet sullucent (that’s how her .mother described Aaron’s). She dug her head into the car to get into better audible range. “Pardon,”

Once again, Harold ignored her. He pulled the necklace and examined it in his palm. He felt a sudden contrite energy engulfed his whole body. His body began to shiver and he felt so heavy, as if the gravity hated him. “I said…” he paused, realizing the loudness of his voice might hurt the heart which he cared the most.

“What happened to us? We were so in love…”

“Until you sent me that stupid message,” she informed and sat back on her seat. Somewhere deep in her heart knew she was wrong too, for not confronting him but instead made a kissing scene behind the tree to piss him of. “Do you still believe in us?” her voice trailed. She hoped for a silent this time, somehow.

“Do you?” He asked her back. From the moment she got into the car, he had not really looked her into the eyes. He was scared to know the truth, he feared of being hurt, again. But as much as he wanted to protect his hard-rock-on-the-outside-and-fragile-on the-inside-self, he sought after the truth. “I sent the message to settle it down. I forgave you but I saw this on your yard and it tore me apart,” he spoke slowly while still staring at the necklace.

“well, I don’t know that ‘thanks for the memories and goodbye’ means settling down to you,”

Harold jerked. As far as he remembered, he sent ‘could we meet up honey, I miss you’. He braced himself to look at those eyes that once brought him up so high and cut him down so deep. By furrowing his brows, he said nothing. He assumed she would understand his body language. And she did.

“OMG. Who do you think?”

They finally realized that someone set them up. The stealth bond was broken by some sort of plot from outsider and they were fools for believing it. They both stared at each other blankly. Both faces were stunned like they’d just heard of death news.

“Could you wait for me?” Harold asked her, finally laid his eyes on hers. His hands grabbed hers and they felt the sparks again. Maybe not as vivid as before, but there were something for them to work on.

Geneva knew Harold have Chloe. She didn’t want to interrupt and be the third wheeler and destroy someone’s heart just to heal hers. After all, she really hated Aaron. She realized he was merely a rebound-lover. Being with him made her suffocates. She had to live in his shadows everyday and he never thought of sharing at all. She fixed her position so that she could see Harold’s eyes once more. From her position, she saw every inch of Harold that she missed. From head to toes (shoes actually).

“I will…”

Out of sudden, Harold locked the door before turning back to her. The night was too perfect for them to just sit in the car and revealing the truth. Harold jumped to the backseat and signaled her to do the same. At first she refused, but she could not resist him. Her boy that she loves all heart was alone with her, in the car, in a park, where there’s—maybe—no one at all. She pressed her body against him and relaxed her head on his neck. She could feel his heartbeat and his calming breath. In about a minute in that position, she began to feel like she used to, secured.

Harold pushed himself upward so that he could kiss her cheek. She allowed it as she enjoyed every second of it. Next thing she knew, his hands were combing her hair and running at her back at the same time. It took her five minutes to realize itwas going to happen, so she stopped them and released herself from him.

“I’m sorry,” Harold said, sheepishly embarrassed.
“No. Don’t be. I want it as much as you do,”
“Then what?”
“I’m a…” she paused.

Then, it immediately struck Harold’s head. He never thought of it at all. He never knew.

Have you heard of Don’t ask, Don’t tell, Romeo?

“You and Aaron have not…”
“No,” She interrupted him.
“So, do you still..”
“Yes,” she answered him in a split of second.

My mom said;
You only love twice:
once when you look at her face for the first time.
And once when you have her on your bed.

..Or in this case, backseat of your car

He slowly pulled Geneva onto his body and…you know the rest.

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