Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Kids Who Played With Fire

The dial tone was horrifyingly boring but Ely couldn’t help herself other than wait. Before she could literally die from the bad tune, the call was answered.

‘Hey! Finally,’ she relieved. She cleared her throat as if she was going to talk to some important people in the modelling agency. Trying to be careful with her words, she stuttered.

‘Hmm… I… dylan,’

It has been so long since she spoke to him. She was too busy with her social agendas, self-made-up-issues and—maybe—studies. People like Dylan, most likely to be ignored by her since he fits in far below in the social pyramid. After he lost Comfort, Dylan quitted soccer. He gave up almost everything. He isolated himself from the society and lived in his own world.

“What’s up, Ely? Is there anything I can help?’” Dylan humbly offered a hand even though he knew he is—one of—the last people she would call for help.

“Indeed, yes”

Friend is like a rubbish bin labelled with a big sign saying ‘use me’.


It takes two flints to make a fire. Careful kids.

Ely emerged into a coffee shop and sat by the window. She wore blue wayfarer that almost covered half of her face. As usual, she was in fabulous attire. Maybe, she was a little bit overdressed for just a small tea-meeting with her—long ignored—friend. Louis Vuitton’s ombre bubble dress was her pick of the evening. The soft silk chiffon fabric and the mute color compliment each other beautifully and the baby blue creates an unexpected and interesting pop of color. The jewel detailing at the neckline adds some contrasting texture and the low back oozes understated sexiness. She’s as hot as ice. She wasn’t expecting Dylan to come early so she bought herself caramel ice blended to kill the time.

To her surprise, Dylan came into sight from a Kia Ray Hybrid. He looked like a rich stud from Hollywood movies. With the aviator on his face, Ely nearly could not recognize him. He walked into the coffee shop with eyes following him. When he reached Ely, many hearts in the shop were broken and the sound of it made him carved a small grin on his face.

“Why so surprised?” Dylan chuckled. He took a seat opposite to Ely and a waiter approached after him. He ordered the same drink as Ely. Then, he turned back before asking her the question again. She looked electrified as if she saw a ghost.

“Where’ve you been? You looked…”

“Different?” Dylan abruptly interrupted before she could even finish her sentence. He got that a lot, especially from the girls. “Thanks,”

“You looked better with than manly beard. Sexy to be honest,” Ely turned outside, sipped her drink, and turned back at Dylan, pretending she didn’t say anything. She dug out a picture out of her handbag and passed it to Dylan.

It was a photograph of Natasha and her newly-met boyfriend. The picture was secretly taken by Ely’s ‘spy’, literally. She hired an amateur photographer to stalk them. And he did his job, poorly. Only two or three photos could be use to drop charge of assaulting as the others are blur and some are just plainly nothing. After he scanned the photo, she handed a file to him.

Looks like someone is becoming a detective, and who’s the sidekick? Him?

“What is this? Don’t ell me you googled him!” Dylan flipped over the pages and saw many pictures of him with young girls in his arms. At first, he thought he knew this guy but something came into his mind and blew it all off. Thanks to the girl who stores her brain in her handbag who had just walked pass him by the window.

Ely snatched the file back from him and turned into a full—hand—written page. She passed it back to Dylan enthusiastically. It was not a letter Louie wrote for his past girlfriend, neither a letter he received from any of his mistress. It was a biography of him that Ely wrote by herself. Her printer broke down and she desperately needed to get a copy of that page. So, she used the traditional way, she wrote it down.

“Wiki to be exact…” Ely put on a straight face, trying to indicate the seriousness of her on solving the mystery of Louie Vasquez. She knew there was something behind him. Something stinks and she needed to get rid of that out of her best friend’s life. “I know he is up to something and I have to stop him!”

“Being an old, divorced, and rich and a nice guy at the same is an uncanny job. I don’t blame you though. But let’s not do anything yet. I think they are really into this. Look at this picture,” He passed it over to her. It was a picture of Louie holding Natasha in his arm. The eyes were as innocent as a child. “Let’s give this old man a chance. Once he blows things off, we’ll get our hands all over him!”

“You are right,” Ely muttered.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

She was not satisfied, at all. She wanted to stop him no matter what everyone else has to say. She cares about her best friend. She doesn’t would do anything to protect Natasha from being hurt. She grabbed the filed and tossed it into her bag. “Let’s not talk about this!” Ely took a sip of her drink and eased herself on the chair.

Be careful Detective E, it seems like you pressed M… for murder.

“Yeah. Let’s talk about my beard,” Dylan joked.

Ryan hurried to Lily to check on her. He left to toilet and rushed back when he suddenly felt wrong for doing so. Being soon-to-be-dad made him more alert of the surrounding. The temperature must right, the noise must be at its minimum, and he must be always there in case of everything.

“Is there anything I can get for you?” Ryan asked ominously. “Or anything for little Tedder?” He set his butt next to Lily.

“Yes. We need you to stop worrying about us. Darling, I’m okay,” Lily placed her hands on his cheeks. She explored his eyes and it shone like an eager little puppy. Maybe he’s eager to taste those lips. “Kiss me,”

He budged closer to her face. He could smell her Vanilla scent running through his nose. “I love you with all my life and I promise you. Once we are done with our studies, I am going to marry you,” He then kissed her, tenderly, with all care.

“Was that a proposal? If yes, I think you should get me a wedding planner then!” she smiled at him. Getting all cosy in his embrace, she closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep with the smile on. She wished for this to stay forever.

Sorry honey, but could it be, the forever ends now?

Ryan’s hand ran to her stomach. He wanted to get closer to his child. He thought he could feel his heartbeat by doing so, but before he could even get a beat, lily pushed his hand away and she propped herself up. Her face changed. She went panic suddenly. She tried not to meet his gaze, so she turned to the ocean. Both of them were now silent. The tidal waves struck the shore and the sound was the only one could be heard. He stayed on the pier, confused, and lost.

“Sorry. That was his first kick,” Roxanne turned to him, with a huge smile on her face.

Her words changed the atmosphere. Ryan laughed and he was the happiest man of the day. He was never been so happy before. “This must be from his uncle Dylan,” he joked.

Yes, daddy, I learnt from the best.

The running kids around the lake reminded her of her childhood, with her best friends. She fished her cell phone out from her pocket and ran through her contact list. The first seven was always on her heart. She always had them on her mind. Suddenly, a tear flew down her cheek. She missed them, so much. She knew she had spent the last 6 months less with them. Before the tears started to burst out even more, she wiped it off with the back of her hand.

“Hey... It’s really you,” a voice called from the back.

Roxanne felt like there was a stab from the back. She dared not to turn. She was afraid to face the truth. Not anymore after what happened to her.

Once broken, consider sold.

“I saw you from … our tree and I decided to... You know, come over. I might need a companion right now. I’m a loner. But if you don’t want me here, then I’ll get my ass off before you could even… Never mind. Bye,” he turned back and stepped away, slowly.


Ah. The magic word, the word that please anyone anywhere anytime.

“This place is too big for me alone,” Roxanne patted the land next to her. She turned and gave him a warm smile, the smile that he missed the most. She grabbed a stone and waved it at him. “Do you remember this game? You suck at it,” she laughed merrily, just like a five years old kid. “Let’s play. The loser has to buy the hotdogs. I’m starving… and broke,”

He smiled and grabbed a flat stone. “Let me throw it first,” he said, proudly. He threw the stone and it skipped thrice. “You’re right, I’m suck at this,” he laughed giddily.

“Nah, the bet is still on,” Roxanne threw hers and it skipped six times. She turned to him and laughed her head off. “Izzy, I want…”

“Cheese, extra mustard, no onion, and less chilli sauce! Be right back!” Izzy marched to the Hotdog stall hastily. He memorized the way Roxanne would want her hotdog, precisely. He never got it off his brain.

Five minutes after that, Izzy emerged with two hotdogs in his both hands. With a huge smirk, he looked five years younger. Roxanne could see the young him instead of the one that had messed up his life by choosing to be a complete opposite person. Roxanne extracted a hand to get her hotdog from Izzy and she thanked him for that. They both remained quiet and unfold the wrapper and ate it in silent.

After both had finished their hotdog, they looked at each other’s faces and both started laughing. “Never thought you would grow yellow beard,” Roxanne pondered a joke that made both went nuts. “And I never thought a girl could grow a moustache,” Izzy added and made things ‘worse’. They were out of their breath and could not stop laughing.

…Like they used to.

“Stop it, Izzy. Let me get it off for you,” she took a tissue out of her bag and wiped the mustard. She caught his gaze and she stunned. She was awed by the beauty of the eyes that she might have forgotten about. Out of sudden, she got the urge to kiss him and so she did. She pressed her lips against him and threw her body onto his.

Conversely, he pushed her off him and pulled himself away. He stared at her with thousands queries running riotously in his thought. She made him think for awhile. “What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? You got Keith!” he yelled. For some reason, he should not have did that.

Cheers for the douche bag!

“We broke up! And why? I thought you longed for this?” she asked in frustration. Her brows showed how disappointed she was at the time. She had no clue at all that this would happen. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kiss you,” she grabbed her bag and quickly fastened her steps away from him. “So sorry,”

“Roxanne, stop! Hear me out!”

Roxanne ignored but stopped after she assured that she was far from Izzy, far from being hurt again. “What?” She shouted. “Speak now!”

When you trust someone, you are like a car which filled with fuel. You are vulnerable for the greatest combustion.

“I’m in love, with a guy and I thought we could be just friend, like we used to. Like five minutes ago!”

Roxanne felt another great stab, but this time, right through her chest. She heard him and tried to understand. Izzy paced forward and closer to her as she stayed on her feet. As he making his way to her, she saw his eyes. She saw his look. From that, a weird feeling clutched her and she realized. He moved on, and so must she.

“Great. Yes, we are friends. Can you forgive me? And forget?” Roxanne chuckled. She opened her arms and hugged him. She felt like she was a seven years old young girl hugging a seven years old friend in her arm. “Who’s that man?” she asked eagerly, as if she just met her friend. As if nothing happened between them. As if they were so naive.

“You wouldn’t believe me!” Dylan replied. He was so keen to tell. Like a kid waiting for his mom to tell him a bed time story as it is. He smiled contentedly.

“Try me,”

Try to erase this fire, if you can.

“His name starts with the letter D”

Oh my. Is there any fireman out there? The flames are getting wilder. Put it off A.S.A.P before somebody gets burnt.

“Damn!” Harold looked at himself in the mirror. He never thought he would be that man in tux. He scrutinized the figure from the toes to head. A sudden sensation ran through his skin and he felt great instantaneously. He cleared his throat and turned around to look for his girl friend. Chloe was nowhere to be found. Maybe she was trying the clothes herself or maybe she was hitting on the cashier. Harold stretched his head like a giraffe and attempted to peek over the shelves. Unfortunately, he saw no one. There was just the cashier alone in front. He went over the cashier and asked him. The cashier didn’t help that much. He told Harold that she left after a phone call. Harold thanked him and went back to the changing room. He felt like a dumb now.

“Oh my, I almost did not recognize you!” A voice shouted from the door. Harold turned back and he saw Ryan and his girlfriend and Chloe was at their back, appearing so small behind. Harold strutted proudly and tried to imitate some of David cook’s humorous moves; the cabbage patch and the running man.

“If you do it again, I will never declare you as my brother!”

Chloe laughed. She made her way to him with a pretty curved smile. It was so beautiful—to Harold. He opened up his arm for her and he kissed her. “And this wouldn’t be complete without that one accessory,” Harold explored deep into her eyes.

“And what is that? I thought they have everything here, don’t you?” Chloe stared mildly to the promoter who had been standing in between four of them. She was doing nothing but standing like a guard. The promoter clumsily walked over the shelves to grab the catalogue. She hit almost every thing that was one her way.

“They don’t sell it here and I have her already, in my arms,” Harold smirked. Guess, the promoter was scolded for nothing.

Thanks Romeo. Where did you learn it? Pick Up Line For Dummies?

Ryan asked for his tux from the promoter. She nodded and again, she walked to the back clumsily. She returned back with a white tux which look almost the same as Harold’s and a white bedazzling dress that matched well together with the tux. Both clothing implement each other magnificently, as if both are the wedding dress.

“Alright, all is on me,” Ryan told the cashier. Harold immediately glared at him. He patted his shoulder but Ryan didn’t care. In fact, he did not feel anything at all. His fat absorbed all the shock. “Harold, trust me. This is nothing compare to what you gave me, strength,” Ryan ignored him and handed over his platinum card.

“You know what, you are going to follow me to Dunkin’ and I’m going to treat you lots-of-doughnuts. Let add the fat to this!” Harold commanded while tapping Ryan’s belly. Ryan couldn’t help himself but nodded to what Harold said.

They say, there is no smoke without the fire. But who started it? You never know.

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