Friday, January 21, 2011

[Variety] Dream Team - Queen of Queens 2

Dream Team: Jinon and Ricky Kim

Another special episode to have the girls challenge the obstacle race. Who will come out the winner this time?

Girl group - Krystal, Victoria, Bora, Soyu, Lee Boram
All round entertainers - Jang Youngran, Kim Nayoung, Jung Juri, Hong Jinyoung, Hyena,
Girls that can move the earth? - Chu Soyoung, Jeon Sehong, Kang Yebin, Lee Jihye, Kim Jeongmin
Faces of KBS - Park Eunyeong, Eom Jiin, Sori, Oh Nami, Heo Anna

The course they're going through first is risky log bridge, 2nd is spinning stepping stones bridge, 3rd is the tube escape race, 4th is spinning log bridge, 5th rope climbing.

Dream Team - Episode 54 w/ English subtitles

credits: boosaysharingiscaring

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